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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Letter to the Louisville, KY Archdiocese (from a reader)

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to a column by Father Knott entitled “Don’t cull the herd; build a bigger pasture.” . Father exhibits several serious flaws in his reasoning, the most serious of which is that none of his statements are based on fact or logic. First, as anyone who has actually studied the Conciliar documents would know, the “mandates of Vatican II” have yet to be carried out. In their place, a program of liberalization, secularization, and false ecumenism, under the spurious banner of “the Spirit of Vatican II,” has devastated the Church both quantitatively and qualitatively. Second, if this breakdown is to be followed by a “breakthrough,” then the breakdown must first be correctly described. Since it is orthodoxy which has broken down, then what would Father like to appear in its stead as his “breakthrough”? More of the Spirit of Vatican II? We have seen what that has done to the Church for the past 40 years. Is Father’s dream the complete destruction of the Church, in the name of a “bigger pasture”?

Third, the marginalized and alienated (which, I imagine, is Father’s oblique reference to homosexuals) have never been “driven out of the Church.” The Church welcomes all and always has, but expects us all to seek salvation according to its teachings - that is, to address our failings and correct them. One does this, Father, by recognizing one’s sins, seeking atonement, .and availing ourselves of the sacraments. That is why we are a Church, not an “I’m OK – You’re OK” secular club.

Fourth, if Father prefers Dear Abby’s model of the Church to that of Christ and His Apostles, that begs the question, why does Father consider himself a Catholic? Moreover, were Father’s “bigger pasture” guidelines to be followed, the Church as hospital would not actually treat any illnesses, as the Church/Communion of Saints does, but merely welcome everyone into their beds and celebrate their sicknesses in a wonderful orgy of diversity.

Father claims that “harsh condemnation” – another oblique reference, this time to the new document on homosexuals in the priesthood? – prevents change rather than motivates it. Obviously he has not read the new document. No one could possibly describe these new guidelines (which are not new at all) as “harsh condemnation,” except for those who refuse to look in the mirror. Does Father have a personal stake in refusing to look in the mirror?

The siren song of the “bigger pasture” has been with us for 40 years. It is self-deception and casuistry. Its real name is “making the Church acceptable to the world.” That is certainly not the Church founded by Our Lord – but it sure fits the description of the one sought by Lucifer.


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