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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SPECIAL EDITION, 5/23/06: the Vince Frasher Scandal cont'd

Where Is Exhibit A, Your Excellency?

+The Cincinnati Enquirer and WCPO-TV have published a letter from Archbishop Pilarczyk to all priests and deacons under his pastoral care:

WCPO-TV article

Enquirer article

+In this letter, the Archbishop, stating the painfully obvious, refers to the “serious lapse in judgment,” which he regrets, which led to the hiring of Alex Henties by Vince Frasher.

+The Flying Buttress hereby calls for the release of Exhibit A, the letter supposedly signed by Alex Henties at the request of Vince Frasher, certifying that Frasher had not sexually abused him. We think the faithful Catholics who have suffered for so long under this morally bankrupt ordinary should not only be allowed to see this letter, but should also have the answers to the following questions made publicly available:

  • What circumstances initiated this letter?
  • Why was Henties writing to the Archdiocese from his prison cell?
  • Does the language of this letter sound like language commonly used by a person of average education (i.e., "I have never been abused in such a way as this and have never been abused by Vince whatsoever or at all.")?
  • Was this letter prepared for Henties by an attorney representing the Archdiocese?
  • Does this letter also discuss some sort of settlement?

+And finally, we ourselves state the painfully obvious: for those trapped in the addictive-compulsive personality disorder known as homosexuality, “lapses of judgment” are standard, typical and customary. We wonder whether such lapses are on the agenda at the CRYSM support group…


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