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Thursday, January 08, 2009

On "The Things that are Caesar's"

+This week The Flying Buttress takes a little political detour, in order to dissent – while dissent is still permissible – against the prevailing manufactured euphoria regarding the imminent presidency of Barack Obama. +Conventional wisdom holds that we are on the brink of a historic event: a member of a once-enslaved race ascending to the White House. And historic it is. But there are other equally historic dimensions to this event. For example:
  • America may well have a president who is prohibited by the Constitution from holding this office because he is not a natural-born citizen. Numerous lawsuits, including some initiated by Democrats, have been filed over Obama’s true birthplace and lack of valid birth certificate. Members of his own family claim he was born in Kenya. Is Obama a usurper? Will we ever know, or will the evidence continue to be suppressed by him and others?
  • The foremost elected promoter of infanticide in American history was essentially voted into office by the moral turpitude of Catholic laity, religious and clergy, who dismissed or ignored the public warnings of some (but not nearly enough) priests and bishops and instead voted for the Utopian mirage of “racial healing.” Did this happen because of the casual Conciliar cafeteria mentality, the prideful attitude that every individual knows better than the Magisterium, and the worldly confidence that sin and its consequences really aren’t anything to worry about? Or did everyone forget that only Christ, not a politician, can bring peace?
  • More than sixty-three million Americans voted for “change,” responding affirmatively to a candidate who portrayed himself as the righteous advocate of the disenfranchised, the virtuous warrior against corruption, the apostle of hope, the outsider who would clean house and who would end our military adventures in the Middle East. Yet:
  • This media-polished and media-buffed illusion is nothing more than a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine, a machine whose corruption we can deduce even with only a glimpse at the tip of the Blagojevich scandal. “Change”? “Outsider”?
  • This media-polished and media-buffed illusion has populated his Cabinet and administration with Clinton re-treads and Bush holdovers, and it has become apparent that “change” means a third Clinton administration. “Change”? “Virtue”?
  • This media-polished and media-buffed illusion will not only NOT withdraw the United States from the so-called “War on Terror” in the Middle East, he will intensify our entanglement! “Change”? “Hope”?
· This was perhaps the first presidential election in American history where neither major candidate was qualified by experience to serve in the office for which he ran. · It was the first presidential election in American history where the media openly worked to promote one major candidate and openly worked to subvert the other. · It was the first presidential election in American history where one candidate raised nearly a billion dollars (see our second “Miscellanea” link for the source of much of this money). · It may have been the first presidential election in American history where hundreds of thousands of votes (a conservative estimate) were registered and cast illegally, thanks to an organization (ACORN) who received more than $800,000 from the Obama campaign. · And finally, it is the first presidential election in American history where the winning candidate has a long rap sheet of close associations with radical socialism, communism, black liberation “theology,” and domestic terrorism.
+There is a Lutheran Church on the east side of Cincinnati which has displayed the following outdoor sign since November 5th:
+The Protestants, as usual, are largely far ahead of us in assessing the coming danger. And the coming danger can be discerned by evaluating its mouthpiece, Barack Obama. Obama is a serviceable prop, a prop not only for corrupt self-interest and business as usual, but also for an entrenched and powerful international criminal syndicate that serves neither America, nor her sovereignty, nor her Constitution, nor her foundation in the morality of Judeo-Christian civilization, nor her citizens.
+America, in fact, is not only economically bankrupt from war, Wall Street, and Washington, but as this past election proves, she is politically and morally bankrupt as well, and we therefore suggest to you that the most historic dimension of all of January 20th, 2009 will be this:
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